The Story of TH Drums and The Very First Custom Drum

Making The First Custom Maple Stave Drum


The Birth of TH Drums

Firstly, let’s talk about how the very first custom drum was born. It all started 6 years ago. Tarmo Herkül’s the founder of TH Drums, journey in the world of drums started in 1975. He has been a member of various bands and has used an array of different drums.

The First Custom Drum
The first custom drum

However, this led him to an idea – “What if I could make my own custom drum?”. And so in March 2014 Tarmo Herkül made his first official handmade drum. It took about a month and it was a maple stave drum made by Tarmo and his barrel maker friend.

Besides drum produce, they also created a logo. This was the birth of TH Drums.

The first custom drum gained such good feedback that it wasn’t long after the first order came in. The first drum which was made for order was a snare drum with TH custom drum lugs. 

The First Ordered Snare Drum


Drums All Over the World

Above all, we can proudly say that now there are lots of drummers all over the world who own a custom drum by TH Drums. One of the drum owners is Accept’s drummer Christopher Williams who has listed our custom drum into his top 5 drums in the world. 

Ray Luzier the drummer of Korn is also the owner of our custom drum. He is even on the “Drum” magazine cover photo with it.

Ray Luzier with TH Drums custom drum


Drums Development

However, 2015 was a game changer because TH Drums started using old wood for drum manufacturing. The idea came when Tarmo was renovating an apartment and got some fir log leftovers from the walls. Viking set was the first drumset made of recycled material.

Viking Set

Moreover, in 2017 the TV show “Radar” created an episode with Tarmo which described how the whole workflow is done. After that, people started to offer old wood to Tarmo and from there it was the only way how the production should go – by recycling material.  

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